Excuse ME, What? X Offbeat - YouTube's Fastest Growing Social-First Show

Excuse Me, What? Is a man-on-the-street style interview show. This is a format that is tried and true but Excuse Me, What? Is unique in the situations it films in - the show films in the most insane places it can find. 

The show was launched in May 2020 as a pilot show. We wanted to prove that a show can be successful without high production costs if the content itself was high value. 

With our social shows we aim to be the “anti-Quibi.” 

We truly believe content production is changing. The top-consumed, most ‘viral’ content is often filmed on a mobile phone, with low production value.

Additionally to succeed one must stay ahead of the opportunity. Our goal is to continue to create low-cost, pilotable, high-value content that has the ability to generate revenue quickly compared to more high-end, professionally produced content. 

In reality, more brands should be doing this. We are mastering the art of creating low-cost, high-value shows that are sure to reach your clients’ target audience. 

In nine months of running Excuse Me, What? Boasts over 112,000 YouTube subscribers, over 286,000 Instagram followers and more than 100 paying Patreon subscribers. 

We plan to produce many more of these shows and look to bring brand partnerships early. Are you ready to get in?

See why we're the pioneers of social-first media