State of Survival X Offbeat - Branded AR Lens Drives Downloads

State of Survival came to Offbeat Media Group with a single objective: promote its game and brand. This goal was aided by the release of a set of exclusive, branded Instagram AR lenses. 

Offbeat was tasked with driving usage of this lens to 15 million views and 3,000 uses.

Finding out how to amplify any type of content on Instagram is always challenging as users are constantly bombarded with marketing campaigns and content. But Offbeat was able to not only accomplish the task but completely surpass it. 

How did Offbeat do it?

By aligning the AR lens campaign — which featured creative, branded zombie lenses — with the Halloween holiday, we tapped our vast network of creators to generate content that we later pushed out across various brands on Instagram. 

We also reached out to two top TikTok creators to create humorous and engaging content that aided in the Instagram amplification.

The success?

The State of Survival AR lenses saw over 18.9 million views, 126% of the view goal, and 190K lens opens on Instagram. Engagement with the lens also was huge, with 45.9K uses during the span of the campaign. 

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