TikTok X Offbeat - Become The Number One App Worldwide

We started our ongoing work with TikTok in October of 2018 with general awareness campaigns on Instagram. 

Over the past two years, we've helped TikTok acquire many thousands of new users, re-engage their current users, and hold their spot as #1 downloaded in the App Store during our continued relationship.

We have activated these campaigns in 10 countries across the world and delivered more than 4 Billion views on the branded content we created for TikTok as our client. 

These views were accomplished across 70,000+ sponsored posts. We have used more than 1,000 partners in each of the countries we have activated. 

TikTok realized early on that to remain in the number 1 spot in the App Store it would need to remain relevant to its key audience while inviting in new members. 

We can activate in any country and work with any of our thousands of partners. Are you ready to remain relevant with your audience? 

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