Warner Records X Offbeat - Making A Song Go Viral On TikTok

Do You Want your Song to Blow Up on TikTok?

TikTok has proven that it’s more than a platform where teens post videos of them dancing (although, the Renegade will always be a favorite.) It’s a platform where users can shed light on important issues, inspire viewers, and make them laugh, showcase their talents, and launch everyday people into stardom. 

For musicians and record labels, TikTok takes on another role as a platform that can drive organic search traffic to Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube thanks to its extensive audio library. TikTok users often create original content with existing audio — especially if it’s trending or they see other influencers use it — and further increase exposure and engagement for the song. 

Dua Lipa Case

Warner Music Group came to Offbeat Media Group to increase the number of TikTok videos that use their artist Dua Lipa’s song, “Hallucinate.” While there were already a few videos using the audio on TikTok, there wasn’t a consistent theme running throughout the content. Warner also wanted us to identify a trend that users could recreate and share. 

When Offbeat was tasked with creating the amplification campaign, we had two goals in mind: drive original video creation on TikTok using the song and increase Spotify streams for “Hallucinate.”

Trying to make a song go viral on TikTok is a challenging task, with existing artists posting videos of their songs and TikTok users creating new audio clips every day. But, Offbeat was able to tap into its large database of talented content creators and see incredible success. 

How Did Offbeat Do It? 

To address the client’s first goal, we wanted to create the illusion of natural virality. We partnered with both influencers who appealed to wider audiences and those in more niche channels to post trend videos using “Hallucinate” audio in bursts. This way, none of their followers were overwhelmed with the same type of content. 

This amplification strategy was also effective because of the different influencers we used to create content. We were able to see which type of content had more engagement and decided to move forward with lifestyle-based influencers who could use the song for vlog and changing videos. In total, we pushed 11 campaign posts that received over 3.3 million views. 

To execute on our second goal, we used influencers who appealed to Dua Lipa’s target audience of young females. The trends began to see high engagement and drove users to search for the song on Spotify. 

The Success? 

There are now more than 23,000 videos using “Hallucinate” on TikTok, and within the two-week campaign period, over 5,000 users created their own content using the song. The 11 TikTok videos we pushed had a reach of over 27 million and 841K views. As for Spotify streams, “Hallucinate” gained 11.7 million plays during the course of the campaign and is currently listed as Dua Lipa’s fifth most popular song. 

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